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Casio MT-18

(photo taken from eBay, showing my specimen)

This brown keyboard is simply the midsize version of Casio PT-80. Thus the main voice is still monophonic despite bigger keys. The specimen I bought even came with the same ROM-Pack RO-551.

different main features:

  • 32 midsize keys
  • better speaker (without disturbing resonance)
  • different CPU= "HD61703A01, 5B 33" (80 pin SMD)


Very unusual is that the MT-18 contains a different CPU despite the behaviour is identical with the PT-80. Thus I guess that the same CPU core was only re- released in a different package or manufacturing process for technical reasons, while the internal circuit stayed the same. Also the PCB layout and material looks very different. Despite it worked well, I found in my Casio MT-18 an exploded electrolytic capacitor (which I replaced).